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  Austria, Russia, And Prussia

        The rulers of countries such as Austria, Russia, and Prussia during the Enlightenment were known as enlightened despots.  These enlightened despots did everything in their power to benefit their countries and the citizens of them.  they helped their nations progress greatly in many different fields.  Enlightened despots reformed the economy and laws of the countries they ruled.  They also encouraged religious tolerance.  Enlightened despots sought to inform the people about science, music and philosophy.

        The most famous enlightened despots were Frederick the Great of Prussia, Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great of Russia.  Frederick II enlarged Prussia and also created some more humane laws.  Catherine II also enlarged her country and she won a port on the Black Sea.  In addition, Catherine the great contributed to the arts.  Frederick the Great, Catherine the great, and Maria Theresa of Austria participated in the Partitions of Poland.  These rulers worked to together to increase the sizes of each of their respective nations.  After each of these powerful countries took a piece of Polish land for their countries, Poland disappeared from the map.

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