Philip V

        Philip V of Spain was born in 1683, son of the dauphin Louis de France and Marie Anne.  Philip was the Duke of Anjou until 1700, when he was left with the throne by Charles II.  Philip gained the throne after the War of Spanish Succession and was the first king of the Bourbon Dynasty.  Philip also gained the Spanish Netherlands, Spanish America and parts of italy from Charles II.  In 1713, Philip lost the Spanish netherlands and parts of Italy because of the Treaty of Utrecht.  In 1714, Philip's first wife, Maria Luisa of Savoy, died and Philip married Princess Isabella Farnese.  Isabella influenced Philip a lot and lessened the popularity of French Enlightenment ideas and culture in Spain.

        Philip gave up the throne in 1724 to his eldest son, Luis and later returned to throne when his son died of smallpox in August of that year.  He was the king of Spain until he died in 1746.  As he was nearing the end of his life, he went crazy and Maria Luisa took charge of his affairs.  Under Philip's rule, Enlightenment ideas spread across Spain and also, France and Spain were brought closer together.